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2014-09-30 10:52 p.m.

Uh, I think I have comments again. Except I haven't told anyone I'm doing this, so if you're here it's because you're paying attention (or using feedly). Hi.

My poor grandma is not doing that well. Our shells are not built to last 91 years, which is what she's looking at next week. She's tired and creaky and her back is giving out and just feeling worse all the time. She gets constant visitors, which is a reflection of how loving and social she has always been, but she's said to me that she's the only one still alive from her high school class and that it's hard to keep going. I am thinking about her so much and I should call her every day, or at least once in a while, but I don't. I need to do that. Add to reminders.

Last night I got to go to a class taught by a dancer I know, she teaches movement and has designed this whole semi-private shebang for which I am paying through the nose. It's about 9 days worth of expenses per month on my current budget (admittedly that's a little restrictive). But worth it. I felt great when I left and I've been a little sore today despite feeling like we were barely doing anything. She's so encouraging and poked some muscle in my core and told me "Look! That's muscle! And it's engaging!" Haha. YOU'RE engaging.

I didn't get to see the kids much yesterday, so this morning I gave my toddler so many kisses and hugs and told him I missed him. "I missed you, Mama! I cried for you!" I told him I cried for him too. We were both lying about the action but not the sentiment.

Ugh I had to give "feedback" to one of my girls who is such a hard worker, sweetie pie, and total rock star and she accepted it so graciously (just like I coached her to in the past!) I wanted to fall all over myself apologizing. I didn't though.

My word of the day is perspective.

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