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2015-03-23 10:29 a.m.

My boy just turned three. I get him, I really get him. He is so far into his imagination that sometimes I ask what he wants for dinner, this or that, and he turns to me, and hisses with outstretched claws, "I will FIGHT you!" Because I'm a dragon.

After church yesterday he was so tired he had an epic meltdown where he wanted NOTHING, he wanted to do NOTHING. Not walk, not be carried, not go in the stroller, not go home, not go to Whole Foods. I get it. He slept for three hours and twenty minutes and woke up sunshine.

My girl learned how to do "Touchdown!" and hold up both hands in the air. She's only ten months old so sometimes she gets sidetracked and starts clapping.

I was able to go to brunch with friends for the first time since November and it was so great, it's important. I am so laundry catbox cooking on the weekends and we have to feed the machine or it doesn't work, but I miss my girls. I miss traveling, I miss spontaneous weekends away and saying yes to things. It's the middle to late Lent and I am looking at the service schedule and trying to think how I can go to even one service that's not on a Sunday morning. I know it will get better, having young kids is truly baby jail.

So, catbox is off the chore list now because my sweet 19 year old first baby cat had to go to sleep last Monday. She was the best cat and I miss her and I look for her still. I'm getting a little teary which surprised me because she was so old and kidney failure, but I miss her. She outlasted all expectations, she came to us a sick little kitten with worms and ear mites, she'd been thrown out of a car when she was too young to leave her mom. She let the kids pull her fur and ears and she curled up on me and loved her eyes to be covered and her chin scratched and when I left the vet without her I cried all the way home.

We need a sitter. We need a date. We need to do our wills. All that costs $20 an hour but we need to do it. It's fine, it'll be worth it, I just haven't found a babysitter yet and my boy is three.

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