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2014-10-23 9:34 p.m.

I don't want every entry to be like, I am so tired, but I am so tired. Today was a blast of cold water to yesterday's delightful hooky. Literally. It hasn't stopped raining for two days (it stopped earlier but that's not interesting to read about, BEFORE then it was incessant).

Imagine spending a day doing exactly what you feel like doing, a fancy lunch and a wander, poking around old places, cobblestones, down to DUMBO and a lovely if rainy view, back home on the bus and out again, cheese plate, rainy day windows, kids and pizza and laughing and one more drink and home again in the rain.

Then imagine coming into work the next day smiling on the subway to a 2 hour 8 am meeting, discovering a very expensive mistake that got by three people. Completely hypothetical of course but imagine you have discovered someone to be a true sociopath and that person has power over you. Is there any winning? Do you go to that person's birthday lunch Y/N.

Yesterday was one of the great days, slow and gentle. Today was hectic and schedule driven but at the end of it I told my team how great they are and sent them a picture of a kitten inside some blue jeans. Tomorrow they are bringing me tiny cupcakes because even if some days are hard, there's always tiny cupcakes.

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