do anything but not the wrong thing

2014-12-08 10:39 p.m.

True story, I have an entire list of artworks I want to punch. And it is ever-growing. I can't just like or leave something. It's love or punch. Kate had to walk me out of one particularly horrible exhibit at MOMA because I was bordering on hysteria.

So, I'm torn, like always, between ride it out or do something about it, but my life is not working for me. I am crying on my commute. Still. And I don't think I hate the subway THAT much. Although when I hit the buses wrong and they are full of teenagers, oy.

K won't stop bringing up moving. The gamble we took on the neighborhood - it seems so ridiculous looking back on how hesitant I was, because it has become so popular so fast - it means we could move somewhere else. Rent or sell and get out. But this is my home now, even though we don't have enough bedrooms. Is it a guy thing? Do guys just want to plant their flag in as many places as possible, sowing seeds everywhere, and women just want to hunker down and nurture something, nest, buy storage containers and label them? Or is it me being too scared again to do ANYthing.

Sheesh. Do something. But not the wrong thing.

I think he may keep bringing it up till I cave. And maybe he's right. He's usually right about stuff like this.

There's a couple bad habits I need to break and one of them is checking Facebook while I'm nursing the baby down. Nothing good ever came of that. I should just force myself to read instead. I read a David Mitchell novel and then I read the latest Shopaholic. It's part of my charm?

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