2015-08-31 1:57 p.m.

I miss the kiddos today, it's Monday and we had a nice weekend together. Particularly my little mama's girl, she made no no head shakes when I put on my shoes to go to work. I have a night "off" and I'm being silly pining for being home.

When will I learn to be patient, to be kind without expecting anything in return. Never? In 20 years? Will something worse have to happen that I will end up being grateful for? Why does everything have to be a lesson?

I just listened to an interview with Jonathan Ames. That guy is a HOT MESS. If I ever need to feel better about anything I'm going to picture him writing around his apartment yelling. He was right about one thing though - never to look back at old journal entries.

Seriously thankful right now for: friend time this weekend, NYC surprising me with pockets of beauty, someone to moan to when I'm all Jonathan Ames-y, my edible delicious baby girl who is so sweet in her every naughtiness, my wicked preschool age boy who has a tender heart and a wild narcissism, who charms everyone with I don't even know what. He held out his sticky man to me for fixing and of course the hand snapped off and I said "Bad news about Sticky Man, buddy," and he was all "Fix it, mama." Ripped his crown in two in a fit of anger, "But fix it, mama."

Remember what I told you? Some things can't get fixed, like bent cardboard wands, foam Statue of Liberty crowns, and Sticky Men who can no longer climb down walls.

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